Honey is not just a runny & sticky sweetener

It’s Easter. During this time there is a lot of chocolate an baked goods being sold in supermarkets. You may prefer to buy ingredients to make your own cakes and breads, as well as other recipes. However, some sweeteners such as honey come at a cost to other living creatures, in this case bees.

Bees work hard to find nectar from flowers, and in doing so pollinate the plants. They regurgitate this substance and fan it to the right consistency, which becomes honey. They store it for their use throughout the cold winter.

In ‘factory farms’ for honey production, humans harvest all the honey in Autumn (not just the excess), leaving the bees without the nutrition they have stored to get through the winter. Instead, the bees are fed on cheap and less nutritious sugar supplements (sugar or corn syrup). And during Autumn there are no flowers with nectar, so the bees can’t make more honey.

Bees can also get injured or die when beekeepers handle the honeycomb due to their natural instinct to protect the hive, resulting in them losing their stingers. Furthermore, bees face the potential for a rapid spread of disease through their colony.

With so many more ethical alternative sweeteners available, eating honey is unnecessary.

Alternative sweeteners include:


  • Maple syrup
  • Agave nectar
  • Rice malt syrup
  • Molasses


  • Coconut sugar
  • Ground dates


Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy all the food that comes with Easter. And don’t forget to make other ethical choices such as choosing the Lindt GOLD BUNNY dark rather than the Lindt GOLD BUNNY milk.


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