Ethical clothing certifications, standards & definitions

It is common for those who try to live a more animal cruelty free lifestyle to discover information about products and manufacturing processes that cause harm to humans and the environment. This in turn may lead them to make ethical choices in other aspects in addition to reducing harm to animals.



Slow fashion

*Prioritises quality and buying clothing that lasts. It slows down the production process, encourages fair wages and is better for the environment. Often involves versatile and classic styles.

[Bon Label offers a range of tees for women in black, grey, white and black and white striped. Their profile states that the tees are the opposite to fast fashion]

(Compare to) Fast fashion

*Prioritises getting new trends to the market as quickly and cheaply as possible, often compromising quality and causing harm to the environment. Fast fashion retailers may introduce new clothing as often as a few times in a week.

-Slow fashion is more expensive, but fast fashion is more expensive in the long run if it is only worn a few times and then discarded


Carbon footprint

*Measure in units of carbon dioxide (CO2) of the total amount of greenhouse gases humans emit directly and indirectly through our daily activitiesย  ย 

Carbon neutral

*No carbon footprint (zero carbon dioxide emissions)


Certifications & standards:


*Movement that advocates for good working conditions and improved terms of trade for farmers and workers in developing countries

-Must meet international social, economic and environmental standards


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

*Ecological and social standard for the entire textile supply chain based on the use of certified organic fibres


Carbon Trust Product Footprint Certification

*Measures a product’s carbon footprint (you can see the symbol of a footprint on the label in the photo above)


These are just a few terms, certifications and standards. There are many more out there. If you are interested you can download The Good Fashion guide created by australianethical and Good on you. You can also download the Good on you app (which rates brands on how they treat animals, workers and the environment) to discover more ethical brands.


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