Favourite V & CF Products of 2018 + Goals for 2019

For my final post of 2018, I have decided to reflect on the year by reviewing my favourite vegan and cruelty free beauty products from the year (in no particular order).


1) Zero Waste Beauty Australia activated charcoal & peppermint toothpaste jar

I bought this as I wanted to try an activated charcoal toothpaste. I wanted to see for myself if brushing your teeth with something black can actually be whitening =)

+: Whitens teeth, smells of peppermint, leaves a minty taste in the mouth

-: Tastes a little salty for some reason, texture different from conventional toothpaste (not as smooth)


2) Simplicite firming rehydration eye cream

I noticed 1 or 2 fine lines in the inner corner underneath my eyes so I bought this.

CCF accredited cruelty free

+: Hydrates dry skin around the eye, non-irritating

-: Reduces the appearance of fine lines under the eyes but doesn’t eliminate the fine lines


3) Essano rosehip moisture restorative night cream

This one was given to me by my mum as she saw it was vegan and cruelty free.

+: Deeply moisturising (good for dry skin or dry patches, good for winter), light rose scent, non-irritating

-: Very rich and thick


4) Raww ‘Nourish-me’ hand & nail cream (with wildberry harvest, coconut water & goji berry)

I bought this in winter as my hands were dry but I still use it in summer.

CCF accredited cruelty free (bunny symbol on product)

+: Not greasy, absorbed well, light vanilla coconut & lime scent

-: Not moisturising enough for very dry hands


This year I have also purchased a few products that I regretted. This included a messy clay mask & an overpriced bar of soap. In 2019, I will purchase products only when I need them, reducing the number I buy.

For clothing, I accumulated 9 items this year (including a black organic cotton scarf) which is an improvement from 13 items last year. Next year I aim to buy even less by purchasing quality & versatile pieces only when needed.

These goals will help reduce my impact on the environment.


Take some time to think about what your goals/resolutions are for 2019. Hope you enjoyed this post & wishing you a Happy New Year!


Vegan & Cruelty Free Hair Care

Unfortunately (you probably already know this) many hair care brands found in the supermarket are not cruelty free and with their products being tested on animals at some point. Some of these brands are: Garnier, Pantene, L’Oreal, Dove, Sunsilk, Head & Shoulders and Schwarzkopf.


Some shampoos and conditioners may contain keratin, a protein found in our hair and skin, and also in the hair, feathers, horns and hooves of animals. The keratin in hair products is often derived from animals. These products aim to strengthen dry and damaged hair, smoothing the hair and adding shine. But these products come at a cost to the animals.

Animal derived keratin is unnecessary when there are plant based ingredients that help to condition and strengthen the hair. In fact, vegan keratin derived from plant amino acids has been developed. It strengthens and smooths the hair for a longer duration than the keratin sourced from animals.


Some cruelty free & animal ingredient free hair care products and brands are:

1) Organic Care


-Normal balance [I have used both the shampoo and the conditioner. I like the conditioner, but the shampoo’s texture feels a bit cheap]

-Dry nourish (dry hair)

-Coconut repair (contains KeraDyn)

-Colour shield (colour treated hair)

Cruelty free status: CCF accredited

Vegan status: 100% vegan

Environment: 100% recycled HDPE bottles

Price: Very cheap, $6 for 725ml ($0.83 per 100ml), $3.50 for 400ml ($0.88 per 100ml)

Where to find: Supermarkets


2) Noughty


-Rise & shine (normal or dry hair)

-Care Taker (sensitive scalp)

-Wave hello (curly or wavy hair)

-To the rescue (frizzy damaged hair)

-Detox dynamo (clarifying shampoo)

-Pumped up (fine or limp hair)

-Blonde locks (blonde hair)

-Colour bomb (colour treated hair)

Cruelty free status: PETA accredited

Vegan status: 100% vegan

Environment: 97% natural, always considers sustainability, also driven by science

Price: Relatively affordable, $15 for 250ml of shampoo or conditioner ($6 for 100ml)

Where to find: Priceline


3) Hot tresses


-Rehab shampoo, conditioner & leave in treatment

-Indigo babe treatment (good for blonde hair)

Cruelty free status: PETA accredited

Vegan status: 100% vegan (uses organic botanical ingredients & highly absorptive vegan proteins)

Environment: Free of sulfates, ammonia, parabens, synthetic fragrances (chemicals in general)

Price: Expensive, shampoo or conditioner is $24.20 for 250ml ($9.68 for 100ml) and $82.50 for 1 litre ($8.25 for 100ml)

Where to find: Flora and fauna website


4) De Lorenzo


-Essential treatments

-Defence: Protects hair from damage cause by heat

-Instant: Everyday shampoo, conditioner, treatment products

-Elements: Inspired by the 4 natural elements (earth, fire, water, wind)

-Prescriptive hair solutions: Any hair type

-Novafusion: Colour treated hair

Cruelty free status: CCF accredited

Vegan status: Vegan certified plant based ingredients

Environment: Environmentally sustainable, contains organic ingredients, botanical extracts

Price: A bit expensive, prices vary across the wide range of products

Where to find: Hairhouse Warehouse, online


5) Lush


-Shampoo: ‘I love juicy’, ‘Rehab’

-Conditioner: ‘Veganese’

Cruelty free status: CCF & PETA accredited

Vegan status: Vegetarian company with many vegan products

Environment: Minimal packaging

Price: A bit expensive but cheaper when you buy a larger size, $13-14 for 100g, $25 for 250g ($10/100g), $36 for 500g ($7.2/100g)


Hope you enjoyed this post & wishing you all an enjoyable Christmas!


Note: This post contains no affiliate links. All the content is based on my research and contains products that I would use and/or recommend as they align with my values.



Cruelty free & animal free fragrance

It is approaching Christmas, and perfumes and fragrances are a popular choice of present, especially a sample set. A lot of us know that many of the big brand perfumes are unfortunately tested on animals. However, many people don’t know that perfume can contain animal ingredients, some of which are quite disgusting….

Some of these animal ingredients are lanolin, civet, castoreum, musk, ambergris. Some of these are anal gland secretions. Eww… And many perfume brands label these as ‘fragrance’ so it is hard to tell if these are used in a perfume. Progress is being made in replacing these with synthetic alternatives but unfortunately the animal products may still be used in some perfumes.


Here are some definitions:

Ambergris: Digestive by products of sperm whales

Musk: Often the secretion of the male musk deer, but could also come from other animals

Castoreum: Anal secretion of both male and female beavers that is used to scent mark territory. The beavers must be killed to harvest it

Civet: A secretion from both male and female civets, a catlike animal with a pointed muzzle. Kept in a cage solely for collection of excretions

Hyraceum: Fossilized and rocklike excrement of the rock hyrax, a mammal that resembles an over-sized guinea pig

Lanolin: Wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep. Also known as wool fat


Below are some cruelty free and vegan perfume brands that are better for you (many of these are more natural) and kinder to the animals:

1) ime natural perfume

ime collection

Certification: Choose Cruelty Free (CCF)

Collection: ‘choose. your. muse’: 9 different perfumes to match personality or to provide choice for each day. Comes in a pack of 9 X 2.5ml spray bottles. This is the range: kalliope [driven], erato [naughty], euterpe [cool], thaleia [flirty], terpischore [expressive], melpomene [beautiful], ourania [intuitive], polyhymnia [enlightened], kleio [elegant]

Other info: 100% natural botanical fragrance

Available: Flora & fauna


2) Vanessa Megan

Vanessa megan collection

Certification: Choose Cruelty Free (CCF)

Collection: Their perfumes include Darling, Essential Blend, Limelight, Autumn Afternoon and  Winter Gray. There is a mini perfume collection of all 5 of these

Other info: Organic skincare brand that also has perfumes. There is also cologne for men: Driftwood and Citrus & Spice

Available: Flora & fauna


3) Ellis Brooklyn

Ellis collection.JPG


Certification: PETA

Collection: Chronicle discovery set contains 7 of their perfumes. It includes Fawn (summer scent), Fable (contains neroli, honeysuckle, cedarwood), Myth (musk), Raven (seductive), Rives (clean, modern and unisex), Rrose (rose but not just rose) and Sci Fi (vanilla blend with green tea and orange, unisex?)

Other info: ‘sophisticated and multilayered scents whose trademarks are freshness and modernity’. Phthalates-free, paraben-free, eco-friendly (use recycled lead-free glass)

Available: Mecca


4) Floral Street

Floral street collection.JPG

Collection: Discovery collection includes 8 X 1.5mL fragrances: Wonderland Peony, Neon Rose, Wild Vanilla Orchid, Iris Goddess, Chypre Sublime, Black Lotus, Ylang Ylang Expresso and London Poppy

Other info: Contemporary floral fragrances from a brand built on the streets of London. Glass bottles. The boxes are biodegradable and can be put in the compost.

Available: Mecca


5) Designer brands

Certification: Choose Cruelty Free (CCF)

The scents are inspired by the large brands, without the cruelty and at a much cheaper price. According to some reviews the fragrances are almost identical to the original

This includes ‘Chic Mademoiselle’ inspired by Chanel’s ‘Coco Mademoiselle’, ‘Flowers’ inspired by Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ and ‘Miss Delicate’ inspired by Dior’s ‘Miss Dior’


Vegan desserts & cakes in Melbourne

Yesterday was World Vegan Day Melbourne. I hope those of you who attended it had a great time. My friends had chosen yesterday to work on a university assignment together so I couldn’t come. (And sorry for not posting for a while, university has been quite busy)

With increasing demand and a shift towards plant-based eating, there are progressively more and more animal product free sweets and cakes, such that it is not that difficult anymore to find cakes that are up to standard (whether for someone’s birthday or for a treat).



*Mister Nice Guy’s Bake shop (Ascot Vale)

100% vegan. Highly rated cake shop with a large variety of beautiful cakes, as well as a range of desserts and pastries


*Isher eggless bakers (Clayton)

Focuses on egg free baking, has a range of vegan cakes



*Daniel’s Donuts (Springvale)

Vegan flavours include: custard, original glazed, Oreo, jam, cinnamon, peanut butter and jelly

-I liked the custard flavour. I did not like the Oreo as it was not filled & seemed lacking in something (the non-vegan one is filled)



*Cupcake central (Melbourne Central)

Vegan choc cupcake available all the time. In addition there are 2-3 different vegan options each day (there used to only be 1 different vegan cupcake each day) as part of the spring calendar. There are a variety of new flavours each season.

-I have tried a peanut butter & chocolate cupcake & it was moist & decadent, although a little expensive ($4.50)



  • As the weather warms up (there have already been a few hot days) & summer approaches, we want to cool down with some delicious ice cream =)

*Girls & boys (Fitzroy)

100% vegan, ice-cream store that also has donuts & pastries


*Ben & Jerry’s (multiple locations)

Non-dairy flavours are: Peanut butter & cookies, caramel almond brittle, coffee caramel fudge and coconut seven layer bar


*Billy van creamy (Fitzroy North)

Vegan flavours made with cashew milk and coconut milk: Chocolate, salted caramel, peanut butter choc chip


*Pidapipo (Carlton)

Have vegan soy milk based flavours


*Gelato Messina (multiple locations)

A range of sorbets



*Matcha Mylkbar (St Kilda)

100% vegan, with a focus on matcha-based desserts


If you have any ideas about what you want me to write about, feel free to comment. And I would love to hear about your experience at World Vegan Day if you attended.

Companies & Brands that Source Ethically

Today’s post is a bit different from previous posts, as there isn’t a specific focus. Now there are many ethical brands that not only are against animal exploitation, but also against human and environmental exploitation, and put these values into action. By reading this, you may find out about products made using interesting and sustainable materials and may even discover an previously unknown ethical brand that you like.




Nae, which stands for No Animal Exploitation, is a Portuguese vegan footwear brand which offers all types of shoes from everyday sneakers to work shoes to high heels. They also are against human and environmental exploitation. They use natural materials including cork & pineapple leaf, recycled materials such as plastic bottles, and synthetic materials such as ecological microfibers. The products are manufactured only in certified factories of Portugal.



Offers sneakers similar in style to Converse but are more ethical. They are fair trade, organic and vegan. The sole is all natural, made from sustainable latex and certified by the FSC. The canvas and laces are made with cotton which has been certified both organic (GOTS) and fairtrade (FLO). The shoebox is made from post-consumer waste. They also have clothing made of organic cotton.


Tree Tribe

An outdoor lifestyle brand committed to protecting the environment through using eco friendly materials, as well as planting 10 trees on every sale. They have leaf leather products made from sustainably harvested Teak leaves. They are natural, and every piece is unique. Tree Tribe also sell eco water bottles, and offer clothing made from materials such as organic cotton, sustainable hemp and recycled polyester.


Eve Cork

Their mission is to “educate the world about cork fashion, while building an online-first, sustainable luxury handbag brand”. Materials used include cork, organic cotton and all-natural vegetable dyes. Their style is European inspired. The bags are made in Portugal, where workers are paid well and have good working conditions.



Flora & fauna

Offer products that are vegan, ethically sourced and cruelty free. They are committed to protecting the environment and have a recycling program, where customers can return bottles and tubes to be made into other products. They also partner with and support Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary (which cares for abused and abandoned farm animals). They offer a wide range of skincare, haircare, dental products, makeup, clothing, bags and health products.



Provides sustainable, vegan, cruelty free and ethical, fairtrade certified items that are affordable. These include clothing, handbags, accessories, skincare, makeup and their own handmade eco soy candles. These products respect animals, humans and the planet. They use all recycled packaging for deliveries. (Stock Tree Tribe)


Vegan Style

They only stock brands that are high quality, vegan and cruelty free and environmentally friendly. They mainly sell shoes, but also sell a variety of other items including belts, handbags and beauty products. (Stock Etiko, Nae)


The Cruelty Free Shop

Provides a wide range of vegan and cruelty free products including food (that which your local supermarket may not have), health, fashion, beauty and household items. They regularly support animal rights organisations by fundraising for them, selling merchandise with the proceed going to charity as well as other methods.


With so many brands and companies that source ethically, next time your skincare runs out or your sneakers become worn, you can be sure to find an ethical brand or store where you can find what you need.